Our Mission is to address the immediate needs of individuals and families in the community experiencing food insecurity and homelessness. We partner with organizations with similar visions to reach our goals.”


Our board of directors are diverse leaders and volunteers with a passion for those who need some of the services we offer and thus knows the importance of helping our clients get back on their feet.


Rescue Now was founded in response to growing needs in our community. We noticed that poverty was growing and rather than turn a blind eye, in March 2004 we started our flagship program, the Lord’s Kitchen, to provide nutritious hot dinner to the homeless and struggling families in a family dinner table setting. The Lord’s Kitchen dines approximately 60 people per month.


  • In 2010 we added the Good Works food shelf program where we offer bagged groceries to 700 households per month in Minneapolis and neighboring areas experiencing meal gaps.
  •  In 2018 we started the Emergency Winter Shelter to house homeless clients around Minneapolis in winter. The Emergency Winter Shelter houses 82 people per day.
  • In 2020, in response to the COVID pandemic we began the Ethnic Food shelf to distribute culturally relevant food items to serve at-risk ethnic communities. The Ethnic food shelf distributes culturally relevant foods to over 100 households monthly.
  • In 2024, we plan to start an all year homeless shelter which will also house victims of domestic abuse and their children. We will provide job readiness assistance to all utilize our services so we can help them back on their feet. We will also offer transition assistance for homeless guests to permanent residents.
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