The below services are not yet in full swing, watch out for details


Education 1st

We believe if students had the right support with schoolwork and homework, their chances of graduating high school would increase. Through Education 1st, students will have access to trained volunteer instructors who will supplement schoolwork instruction and help students with homework. The vision is to assist students to gain skills necessary to graduate high school.
When fully operational, the Education 1ST Center will have a computer center where students would have the option of working with a teacher in person or remotely. The center will be open after school hours year round.



This is an individualized job readiness program. We believe each individual has unique challenges to employment. Success may not come until those challenges are met. Consequently, we start by conducting a job readiness assessment to ascertain where the individual applicant is, then work with the applicant to fashion a distinctive path.
Regardless of unique challenges, we help with resume writing, improving interview skills and work with clients to get their GED.


Safe Haven

Women and children in domestic violence situations need a safe place they can call home as they start to rebuild their lives. Safe Haven provides transitional housing and support services to mothers and their children. Whether it’s getting back in school or finding employment, we will support them to success.


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